Adventure outdoors with the Tutta Winter Circus  

Our theme for winter 2023 is a traveling circus that cheers up gray autumn days. The journey of this lively troupe through the winter landscape culminates in the spotlights of the circus tent, and playful animal characters take the main role. There is enough to see and experience for everyone! 

The colorful world of tivoli attractions draws you in while the feeling of joy and excitement increases. In our collection, different striking patterns are repeated as if in circus artists' outfits, and the colors convey joy and strength. 

Have fun and let your imagination take you on fast-paced adventures, always warm and dry! 

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Tutta from Finland since 1959

Tutta provides easy clothing choices for families' everyday lives at reasonable prices. All Tutta products are designed and developed in Finland. In these clothes, kids are free to play in comfort! 

Our story

The Tutta brand was born in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1959, producing jersey wear for babies and kids. In 1992, Tutta joined forces with Reima in Kankaanpää and started to gain expertise of outerwear. Now, this prestigious brand brings its more than 60 years of experience for you to enjoy.

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